Strategy. Technology. Analytics.

Combining marketing with latest technological opportunities & innovation!

Why Alphameric?

Alphameric is a technology company that helps empowering businesses, in-turn generate new ways of running an enterprise by adopting strategy to transform the eco-system digitally & ready the stake holders to innovate & operate.

What is BZ360?

  • We analyse customer feedback to provide businesses with actionable insights & competitive benchmarking to fine tune products, services & operations.
  • We provide Strategy towards growing client brand values & modern brand behavior.
  • We help in Brand Innovation & real-time marketing services.
  • We help companies partner Eco-system development.

What we do at AlphaMeric?

Customer Experience Management

Getting feedback through Call to action forms & surveys creating first impression for the business either product or service

Competitor Analysis

Competitor bench marking & updating the current market situation to give insights how the client is placed in the market with today's scenario.

Powerful Marketing Engines

Using most of the available analytics & marketing engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, to create the powerful appearance on right keywords focused to business

B2B & B2C Marketing

Creating specialize d campaigns for B2B & B2C marketing as objectives & target audiences are different so strategy customized to taste of audience.

Reputation Management

Creating visibility and managing online visibility and reputation for the clients on most of the Social Media channels.

Purchase Management

Giving insight on purchase trends & negotiations improving bottom lines through savings in the procurement process.

Product Management

Complete package solution to market the products launch in local as well as global markets.

Social Channels & Surveys

Using right techniques & content to market product & service through social channels creating best of engagement possible

Referral Leads

Know the business around you!

At AlphaMeric

"We turn ideas in to innovation!"